Deleting Facebook, Week One

As I wrote about last week, I deleted my Facebook profile on Monday. That date, April 23rd, marked fourteen years I had been on the platform. Guess what? I lasted two whole days before I reactivated it. (Cue Nelson Muntz and his famous “Ha ha!”)

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Why I’m deleting Facebook

About a month ago, the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke. I found out about it via the linked Guardian article, which I read while at a dinner with friends. I couldn’t put down my phone, and barely touched my wine for the first twenty minutes of the dinner, as friends began to tease me for being antisocial.

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On Snowden

Edward Snowden captured America’s attention this past month. The media followed him for most of June in a DiCaprian journey from Hawaii to Moscow. Live Muppet Julian Assange joined the fray as well, turning the NSA leak into the story of the summer. Putin wanted to stick a finger in our eye, hoping to then uncross his long enough for a photo op.

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