Blogging About Blogging II

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I set a goal of writing 150 posts by the end of 2018. I set out a lofty goal of 5 super-longform posts, 10 longform, 30 to be medium length, etc. etc. That was highly ambitious, especially while doing other things.

Well, I’m revising that down to 50. That, I believe, is a much more achievable goal, for a number of reasons.

Writing is really fucking hard. Putting coherent, worthwhile thoughts on the page is extremely difficult. Pushing out drivel on a regular basis for ad revenue and clicks and retweets is easy.

I’m still getting the hang of this. One of the biggest learnings for me in the last few months has been that I do not have an editor. When I wrote for Serious Eats, editing was part of the total package. Now, I’m the be-all and the end-all for content. It is very easy to let your mind garble by reading and re-reading the same sentence eleven times.

I am refining my format. While I like this site more than the past iterations, it’s not perfect. There will always be some improvement I would like to make. And that takes away from writing time.

Consistency is paramount at this point. I’ve abandoned writing a number of times in the past. While quality is important to me, I believe that consistency is paramount at this point, at least until I am in a routine.

At this point, I’m just over 20% of the way to my goal for the year. Hopefully, I’ll keep pace. And hopefully, building a writing process and starting to push out ideas will snowball into more interesting writing. Maybe 150 posts can be a 2019 goal.