Old is new again

In March, I caught a bad case of writer’s block. I couldn’t think of anything useful or entertaining to write, so I went to some older attempts to blog and write for inspiration. It was fun to read my old writing. At times, it was cringeworthy. At times, I was impressed with my younger self.

Some of what I found, I liked. So, I decided to repost them, reformatted to fit this site. The posts fell into three categories, which coincide with three past efforts at writing and blogging. They are timestamped to their original publication dates, but have had some light cosmetic editing.

Starting with the oldest, I reviewed Blake’s Lotaburger for Serious Eats, back when I was their fast food columnist, and wrote a ‘behind the scenes’ type post about the experience. I also covered a new breakfast menu at Burger King. I had covered their PR event for SeriousEats, but wanted to see what it was like in the wild, out from under the watchful eye of anyone from corporate.

Next came a series of humor posts from 2013, when I was trying out comedy writing. First up, the Candy Crush Addiction Test, a riff on the personality tests that were prevalent at the time. Another two humorous posts were I can’t shop at Muji anymore and Spam Comments.

I also wrote a semi-humorous DIY Tech Support Guide and a “Who is” type piece about Turkey’s then Prime Minister Erdogan which will probably get me banned from their country for life for resurfacing.

The final piece I resurfaced came from an attempt to use Medium in 2015. It marks where my interest in tech and in media began to come out in my thinking and writing. This is Journalism? was a rant I wrote about clickbait on CNN.

I noticed a few interesting progressions. First, back in my Serious Eats days, I didn’t know a lot about digital media, I just knew how to write. Second, in 2013 when I tried again, I knew more about tech and media, having put time in at Serious Eats, and having worked at a tech startup. Third, when in grad school for Computer Science, I had more knowledge about digital media and tech, and more defined opinions about journalism.

Though embarrassing to see the old work, I’ve always thought it was important to show my progression as a writer.