Blogging About Blogging

I made a New Year’s Resolution to blog. Instead of a vague resolution, though, I set a concrete goal: 150 posts by the end of 2018. I read somewhere that vague goals are less helpful than concrete tasks. That may have been GTD, it may have been Tim Ferriss. I’ll have to research where I found that.

I’m further refining that notion by breaking my blog posts into categories. I remember from SE having 250-300 word posts, 500-800 word posts, and then over 1,000 word posts. I wrote more of the short ones. They introduce an idea or concept, generally. The medium length ones further flush out an idea. The longform posts are generally taking a larger concept and really developing a thesis around it.

Of my 150 posts, I would like 5 to be super-longform, 5,000+ words. I would like 10 to be longform, 30 to be medium length, and the balance to be short. I may refine that, but I see it as a general structure. I haven’t decided on a content format of any kind, but I’m sure they’ll circle around tech, fitness, and the news.